Pet Zones
This beautifully custom stained exercise wheel will provide your cat both fun and fitness. Any kitty or cat that actively chases a teaser or laser pointer can be trained to run on the wheel. It takes some patience, repetition, and a little bit of positive reinforcement never hurts.

Our wheel comes in two sizes; a 36" outside diameter wheel and a 48" outside diameter wheel. The 36" wheel has a 24" by 24" base. The 48" wheel has a 32" by 24" base. The bottom of both wheels is approximately 4" above the base. The depth of both wheels is approximately 9". The wood used for the wheel and base is 3/4" birch and the post is poplar. We use the standard minwax stain and the available color choices can be selected from those below or you can go to your local home improvement store (such as Lowe's or Home Depot) and actually see the minwax color chip board.

Traction on the wheel is provided by a composite non skid paint which has tiny rubber particles. One advantage of this surface is that it is easier to clean than a carpet tread. Some cats get so possessive of their wheel that they will mark their wheel. And there is the occasional "accident" to clean up on the wheel. Another advantage of this surface is that it is easier on cats paws than the non skid sandpaper they put on to weatherize steps.

We are now using 2 self aligning bearings each rated at a static load capacity of 1470 pounds. This enables us to eliminate the hub in our older models and allows the cat more room to run.

Some assembly is required as this unit ships in 3 pieces - the base, the post, and the wheel. A power drill driver is required to screw in the 6 screws which hold the post to the base. The holes are predrilled for ease of installation.

A non refundable deposit of $100 is required to begin the stain customizing. Normal delivery is within 3 to 4 weeks weather permitting.

Complete 36" wheel - $679.00
Complete 48" wheel - $879.00
Optional hinged cat toy box - $60.00  Only available on 36" wheel
California residents - appropriate sales tax will be added.

Shipping costs can be quoted when your destination zip code is given to us. Please be advised that it is cheaper to ship to a business address than to a residential address. The difference may be $45. As we ship the wheel in a wooden crate, we have to use common carriers (trucks). The total shipping weight of the wheel and the packing and the 36" wheel crate is approximately 125 lbs. and the 48" wheel crate is 175 lbs. Technically, the shipping company does not have to unload the freight. They always ask us if the customer requires a lift gate to unload the shipment. If you require a lift gate, there is usually a delivery surcharge of $35 to $40. And now with the flucuating crunch on gas prices, they may also tack on a fuel surcharge.
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The basic wheel
Self aligning bearing
Minwax stain selections
Now Available
48" dia.
Cats In Action
dual bearings - side view of post
Original 36" wheel w/ toy box
custom wheel
rear wheel axle mount
no center hub front
NEW 48" stabilizer post