"Cats in Action" on The Wheel
Pet Zones
If you like interacting with your cat, you will enjoy working with your cat on the wheel. Its fun and sometimes hilarious to watch how a cat reacts to the wheel. Because it moves, when you first start training your cat, they will jump on and off frequently...testing the water, so to speak.
Begin by enticing your cat onto the wheel using its favorite teaser. You want to get the cat about one quarter of the way up the side. This will set the wheel in motion.
Or, if your cat loves a laser pointer, you can use that with a bit more control.
Or you can use both and soon you’ll be attracting quite a crowd.
“Keep on trucking ….I think I can, I think I can”
Now stretch and flex and stretch and flex … And we call this cat aerobics.
Soon everyone will want to get in on the action.
And before you know it, they’ll be getting onto the wheel without any enticement.
" Now here's a cat getting ready to roll. "