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Cat Couch Bunk Bed
Cat Couch
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Double your pleasure. A bunk bed for kitties. What will we think of next?

$ 64.00 msr
Cats In Action
"The original cat couch" Kitties love to lay up against the side walls and hang over the front and back edges.
The hammock bed area is 20" by 16". The bottom of the hammock is 8" above the ground.  Leg height can be customized.      $29.95 msr
Cat couches are actually super comfy hammocks. How would you like to lay on the hard floor?  2 sided!  Use the fleece side up for winter and the cute fabric side up for summer. Easy to maintain, the covers are removable for washing.
A few of the patterns available shown above.
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Replacement covers or second covers
$19.95 msr