Pet Zones
Paws Before Entering
Alice's Garden pet grass - Cats need it! Cats want it! This proper blend of grasses aids in digestion and helps to break up hair balls.

Its easy to grow … no green thumb necessary. Everything is included.  A special nylon mesh pouch keeps everything clean.

Starts to sprout in a few days. Just soak the pouch in water for a few hours. Empty. Place back in container. Keep moist. And voila ...Grass.

MSR $ 4.00 per container or 3 for $11
And what will your kitty do for a treat .... (evil laugh) .... Here kitty kitty .... Want a treat?

Cat treats serve many purposes. They can be rewards for good behavior, serve as enticements to learn tricks, serve a healthy benefit as a nutritious supplement, give the old taste buds a change of pace, or just a thanks for being there.

Petzones strives to bring you a great selection of treats to offer. Remember, treats are not a substitute for regular meals and should not comprise more than 10% of your cat's daily food requirements.
Feline Frenzy Tasty Teasers - All natural and low allergen chicken and potato formula...Healthy alternative to other cat treats that contain by products and other fillers...High in protein to keep your little tiger purring...Great chicken flavor that will send your feline into a frenzy!

MSR $2.50 per 1.78 oz package
Feline Frenzy Kitty Sushi - Healthy alternative to other cat treats that contain byproducts and fillers...Low allergen chicken and fish formula... High in protein...Contains healthy omega fatty acids...Irresistible chicken and fish flavor combo that will send your feline into a frenzy!!

MSR $2.50 per 1.78 oz package
Salmon Kibble - Teeny Tiny kibble sprinkles made from ground Salmon treats. Perfect for introducing the taste of all natural salmon treats to your kitty. Simple sprinkle it on your kitty's food to boost the flavor and add essential Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

MSR $4.35 per 2 oz. shaker
Active Pet Feeds is the only salmon pet food producer who can guarantee that its feed, treats and oil are produced from fresh, not frozen, wild salmon processed within 24 hours of being caught. This human grade product is the best NATURAL condition and training supplement WORLDWIDE.

Last year alone our salmon oil and salmon treats produced 3 National Show Champions, 297 Best of Show, 132 Field Trial Champions, 721 Obedience Champions, 104 Pointing Champions and was used by over 400 Military training camps World Wide.
Our salmon oil contains a very high concentration of both unsaturated Omega-3 AND unsaturated Omega-6 essential fatty acids. This is the only oil which is processed by “cold pressing” salmon and not by heating or boiling, which saturates oil and destroys nutrients. The result is a product which produces “championship” coats & healthy skin, strengthens the immune system, and helps to maintain healthy kidney and liver systems.

MSR $15.99  250 ml pump bottle (8.8 oz.)
MSR $22.99  500 ml pump bottle (17.6 oz.)
MSR $38.99  1000 ml pump bottle (35.2 oz.)
Lakse Kronch salmon cat treat is made from wild scandinavian fresh salmon. The perfect treat for conditioning and health, containing all of the benefits of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids vital to your cats health.

MSR $4.99  175 gm package (6.01 oz)


CAT GRASS - Aids in digestion &
hairball control

natural for a healthy immune
system and skin / coat

WELLNESS - Healthy & Balanced,
Natural food, No corn, wheat, soy

Greenies for Cats -