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Hygenicat is 100% natural; there are no additives, chemicals or scents added. It’s a premium cat litter; very safe, very healthy and very, very effective.
Super, super absorbent for both urine and odor means your visitors will think you got rid of your cats. One 2 kg package of Hygenicat will absorb 2 liters of urine. “I noticed a difference in odor immediately,” Karen S., ragdoll breeder

Extremely low tracking means less beach effect around the pan and house to clean up.

Because it is a mineral (volcanic lava) means it doesn’t support bacterial growth so your cat won’t be licking germs off its paws. PLUS it’s safe to eat (no clumping up in the innards, which can kill a kitten) but it doesn’t taste that great.

The shape and hardness of the granules means it is 99% dust free (safer for everyone’s lungs) & doesn’t make slimy, stinky sludge mud on the bottom of the litter pan.

It’s lightweight which means you don’t have to take weightlifting classes in order to carry a bag.

It’s 100% biodegradable which means you can throw it in your flower bed as a fertilizing & watering agent if you like. Any capacity remaining for liquid absorption will result in water being absorbed. When your soil becomes drier than the lava, water will leech out back into the soil along with nitrogen. The odor will remain trapped in the lava.
One 2 kg bag of Hygenicat will absorb 2 liters of cat urine. The microscopic sponges in the volcanic lava draw and trap liquid inside unlike Brand X litter which still has wet liquid on the outside of the litter. Using blue ink as a test, the Hygenicat lava pieces turn from dark blue to light blue as the ink becomes absorbed into the lava. Brand X litter still remains dark blue. Linda Eno of "Cats In Need" witnesses the demonstration.
Hygenicat - Finally, the ultimate cat litter for you, your cat & our environment.
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Hygenicat is available in a 2 kg. bag for $8.95 MSR
Odors are trapped inside the microscopic capsules inside of the volcanic lava by ionic PH exchange (like a magnet). In the demo witnessed by Linda Eno of "Cats In Need", the odor of ammonia in the Brand X litter (left photo) remains while it is completely gone in the Hygenicat litter (right photo) after just a few minutes. "Smelling is believing."
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Petzones carries some of the best litters available - Hygenicat & Next Gen Green Tea. Read why we feel they're two of the best especially at odor control.