Custom Cat Trees
Pet Zones
The Cat Zone does provide the service of building special orders or custom made cat furniture. There may be a certain need because of a specific space requirement , cat mobility / immobility or multiple cats. Or maybe your special friend just deserves the best and merits a special, one of a kind piece. Want us to adapt one of our models? Or have something else in mind that you've seen in a store, or a catalogue? Ramps, chutes, runways, ladders,whatever. You name it. We'll build it.  The cats will come.
kitty in the window
We also create custom made indoor and outdoor cages.
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Cats In Action
The catwalk begins by going up the wall steps, across the top of the window, and back over the top of the window. There is a small cat door leading out to an outdoor catwalk. And around the room it goes. Toll please
It continues around and above the bookcase and  bed. Eventually ending on another wall with a huge landing (not pictured)
And now .... built for 12 of our friends at the Irvine Animal Care Center.
Cats on a high .... Click here to see cat walkways
Cats In Action