Pet Zones
Versatile scratching bars - Add on to any piece of furniture. After kitty has it ripped to shreds, simply unscrew it and replace with a new bar.

3 lengths are stocked

10"   $ 5.95   MSR
15"   $ 8.95   MSR
24"   $ 13.95   MSR
Custom lengths available
Want a custom made scratcher? Just let us know what you need. We'll build it. Super heavy? Super high? Heavy duty carpet? Got a tom that sprays?
Scratching is a natural instinct for cats. Understanding this can help to prevent a great deal of potential frustration between you and your cat. Everyone has heard the horror stories about the "Terrorist Scratching El Gato" and the relentless attacks on furniture, drapes, and clothing.

When is the best time to introduce your cat to scratchers? Obviously, as a kitty; but also when you change residences or move the furniture around. One of the reasons why cats scratch is to mark their territory. The more cats you have, the more scratching areas you should have. Scratching is also a means for the cat to exercise and stretch the tendons and muscles in its paws.

What types of scratching surfaces are the best? Its up to the choice of the cat. Some cats like carpet, others sisal, some both. You'll have to experiment. Same with the height of the scratchers. Some cats like to stand and stretch for the surface; others like to lay and pull; some even like corners
When do cats scratch? You'll find cats scratch when they wake up. Its like a human wake up stretch ... to get going. They also like to scratch when they first see their owner after a period of absence. And of course, during play time; and sometimes when they're bored. So place scratchers near their sleeping areas, the door/s where you come into the house, and their play areas.

Other hints for introducing your cat to scratchers or new scratchers - begin by rubbing catnip on the surface. This helps to attract the cat. Also, attaching a toy to it will encourage the cat to play with the scratcher. Got a cat that is already using part of "your" furniture as a scratcher? Place a cat scratcher close to the piece of furniture kitty is using while trying to cover up or protect "your" furniture. After kitty starts using the cat scratcher, you can begin to gradually move it away from "your" furniture.
Tried and True - Combination sisal and carpet scratchers. recommended for new kittens and cats for whom you do not know what type of scratching surface is liked.

24" height  $26.95 MSR

The always popular all sisal scratchers. Longer lasting than the carpet scratchers.

24" height  $29.95 MSR
32" height  $34.95 MSR
48" height  $54.95 MSR

These 3 models are all made with solid wood
because of the weight. req'd for stability.
The "Dangler" - An interactive scratching post; good for trainig kittens to use and get used to sisal. Kitties love to bat the ends around. Great when treated with catnip or honeysuckle spray. You can also attach toys and feathers to the ends.
24" height  $ 32.95 MSR
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Sisal carpet " lean-To " scratching post. Heavy duty sisal carpet with crossing weaves makes for an extra durable surface.  $49.95  MSR

Its way more than just a scratcher. The A-frame gets an A for all around.
It's an acrobatic balance beam on top. Kitties can run thru it or rest in it. Its heavy and angled so kitties learning to scratch won't tip it over. And the long and wide sides are ideal for scraching.
$49.95  MSR
The single pedestal.

The "Sit and scratch" model. 24" combo scratcher topped with a 12" by 12" perch.

$ 44.95  MSR

Example of custom scratchers
"You design 'em, we'll build 'em"
Now Available -- Sisal carpet for custom scratchers