Pet Zones
Caution: Paws Before Entering

You design it, we'll build it. Indoor or Outdoor. Mesh sides or solid sides. On the ground or above the ground. Large or Small. Plain, painted or treated. Give us your parameters and we will quote you.

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Some indoor cages above
This one starts on the inside. Steps up to the upper left window.
Goes up and over the storage shed (so the door can open).
Down through the roof into this two room cat arboretum.
This one was built to accomodate the cats above while the dogs and the gardener could move underneath. 28 feet long.
Have a tight fit? This one was long and narrow. In and out by way of a side ramp and ledge; through a kitty door in the side window screen. About 17 feet long.
We later added a second room to this. Had to build it below the tree on one side and high enough for the window on the opposite side.
Another challenging one for snowball''s enclosure. We had the homeowner's assn, a door, a water faucet, a light, and a couple of pipe accesses. But out through the kitchen window and down the steps.
Fit this one in a corner and cats get out through the side window of French doors. Has a floor and sloping roof for rain runoff. Later, we added shelves.
Farley's outdoor run. Side ramp into a doggy door
An example of one of the types of vinyl coated wire that we use.
Becky's cats get a poolside view.
How tough life as a cat is. 
The idea for this catio first started because of a desire to get rid of "the dreaded litter box odor".
Lia's solution was to put it outdoors. 

Exit, stage right through a cat door.

We do build our cages cat tough.
Although we did not do the wire enclosure for the new Riverside shelter, we did provide all of the above fixtures, including the exercise wheel.
At right, we also did the security doors for the Irvine animal shelter
Small cage (4x4x7) with cat door in the living room window screen. Shelves are on 3 sides, door is 4th side.
This was a challenge, putting a cat door through a concrete wall, and the cage around a light fixture so you could still change the light  bulb.
Even though Scarlett's cats had a super doll house to live in, she wanted them to be able to have fresh air and sunshine. So she designed an outdoor cage with a floor. She just opens the side window and the cats can pop right out and even up onto a hanging triangle.

To the right is an example of the typical door latch used.
New !   Indoor / Outdoor Standard  Cage
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