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Caution: Paws Before Entering
Question:  Why does my pet need an elevated pet feeder?

- Minimizes indigestion and gas problems from improper               eating height.
- Reduces bloating from taking in too much air while eating.
- Lessens back and hip strain when eating.
- Promotes proper chewing of food instead of gulping and            swallowing.
- Tends to slow down the rate of eating.
- Reduces food mess on the floor.
- Great for pets with arthritis problems.
- Takes care of the moving or tipped bowls problems

Attractive and beneficial, the Kitty Kafe double bowl feeders come with 2 two stainless steel bowls (1/2 pint or 1 pint bowls.) They are constructed with polyurethane plastic which makes for easy clean -up. Kitty Kafes are also available in custom heights and can also be custom created out of wood, stained and lacquer finished.
The Kitty Kafe Decco style comes in blue, green or white. Available only in 1/2 pint bowl size. Eating height is 6" deep by 14" wide.

The Kitty Kafe double bowl or single bowl comes in solid green or taupe brown. Eating height is

1/2 pint double bowl set -- $ 28.95
1 pint double bowl set -- $ 30.95
1 pint single bowl -- $ 15.95

For custom made feeders (including multiple bowl feeders) contact Petzones    
Custom multi-bowl feeder
Custom wood feeder
Decco style feeder
Gothic style feeders
These make
excellent travel items.
Heavy enough not to tip or flip in a show, but light enough to pack
in a suitcase.