Pet Zones
Isn't it always better to give than receive? Why not do both?
Give to yourself. Its good therapy.
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Pet ID Tags ..... Engraving guaranteed for life. Beautifully crafted stainless steel w/ baked enamel. Use also as a luggage tag or key ring, or anything you want returned to you.
Laminated Pet ID Luggage Tags ..... These look just like the driver's license your pet has. Now you can have a matching one.
Cell Phone Charms ..... Completely the "in thing" now. Add a bit of personality to your cell.
Zipper Pulls ..... As long as you're going to be "styling", you might as well take the plunge and go all the way. If its got a zipper you can add one of these cute pulls. We can customize.
Litter Lifter ..... This may not look like a gift, but guaranteed, give one of these to yourself and it will make your life so much more pleasurable. Give one to a friend, it will be very appreciated.
Beastie Bands  ....  These breakaway collars truly say CUTE.  What a perfect gift for your fav kitty.
Cat Earrings .... No not for your cat; for you silly.  
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