Pet Zones
A viable alternative to catnip!
Cats just love it!

Better than catnip? Lots of kitties meow "YES." Some surveys have shown that more cats react to honeysuckle than to catnip. It certainly lasts longer than catnip. When catnip (an herb) dries out, its kaput. Simply spritz your honeysuckle (which comes from a honeysuckle tree) toy with water (or cat spit) to rejuvenate the enticing attraction.  Even better yet!  Use honeysuckle spray on your old toys to bring them back to life.
Honeysuckle cushion -Still the all time fav of cats ‘round the world! Cute cat print with lots and lots of honeysuckle.

MSR $2.99   
Honeysuckle sock - “This sock smells better than the one I wear" Its filled with the rich smell of  honeysuckle.

MSR $3.99  for 2
Honeysuckle knot - Watch your kitty flip this in the air and pull on the fleece ends. Hi IQ opens the knot.

MSR $2.99 
Honeysuckle 3 pack - Cushion, sock & knot. Enough fun to please a pack of cats.

Save 27%
MSR $5.79
Honeysuckle small body pillow - 7 inches in length; made of durable upholstery fabric. Watch your cat carry it and sleep with it.

MSR $3.99 
Honeysuckle large body pillow - 11” in length; made of Durable upholstery fabric. Long enough for a cat to grab with all 4 feet.

MSR $5.99 
Honeysuckle pompoms - Wild balls soaked and dried with honeysuckle to bring out the tiger in your cat. assorted colors.

MSR $2.79 (for 3)
Honeysuckle mouse - "Our cat thinks he's a dog and plays fetch with this mouse all the time! woof!"

MSR $2.79
Honeysuckle octopus - Cats just LOVE an octopus with soft curly bouncy legs. Especially legs that smell like …...

MSR $2.99
Honeysuckle double knot - It will take a big kitty to tackle a double knot. Double honeysuckle pleasure.

MSR $2.99
Honeysuckle bowties -Tiny Honeysuckle soaked fleece bows. Brings out the kitten in your cat.

MSR $2.79 (for 3)
Honeysuckle spider - Combine  sparkly glitter, with colorful spindly legs, add honeysuckle and you get Fun, Fun, Fun.

MSR $2.99
Honeysuckle spray - use to rejuvenate toys, spray on cat beds or scratching posts.

MSR $4.99
Honeysuckle Squirrel - Rocky is not going to be able to escape from Boris the cat. The chase will be on.

MSR $3.99