LITTER LIFTER ( the world's best litter scoop )
Pet Zones
Aren't you tired of scooping up and sifting the dust out of all your clean litter over and over, every day?    The Litter Lifter ELIMINATES picking up the clean litter.    No wonder everybody is saying: "We love our Litter Lifter !"  "It's Magic"

Cleaner!   The Litter Lifter's long wedge shaped tines, narrow at the top and wider at the bottom trap even the smallest waste fragments and will not pick up clean litter, only waste.

Quicker!  The 7" long scoop portion makes for fewer passes through the litter box. You finish faster and leave a cleaner box.

Safer!   Our specially designed tines allow for easier separation of waste and litter without the usual shaking, which GREATLY reduces the dust that settles and which you also breathe.  (minimal dust)

Ergonomic!   Contoured sides hold the waste without having to push deep baskets through the clean litter.

Stronger!   The Litter Lifter's great strength and sturdy leading edge make for easy scraping of any clumps off sides and bottom of litter box.

You will appreciate it by using it. Guaranteed you will LOVE the Litter Lifter. It "lifts" both large waste and fragments out of the box with minimal disturbance of the clean litter.

This is nasty work folks.
Now you can scoop and SMILE.

$10.99  MSR
Comes in 10 colors

Rose Pink
Hot Pink
Dove Gray
Bone White
Lime Green
Super Deal
$ 18