This is the deluxe line of The Cat Zone furniture. Designed for both form and function. It can be customized for both your taste and your cats needs. 
Some options: (Or come up with your own options)
1. Can be made taller with another added shelf.
2. The pine wood can be stained or lacquered.
3. A second ramp can be added.
4. The Jungle Gym or the Skyscraper can be expanded into a twin towers later.
5. Add removable / replaceable sisal or carpet scratching bars.
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Jungle Gym
Jungle Gym - Make your cats feel like they are the kings and queens of the jungle. The ultimate for playing and relaxing. Tall (76"), sturdy, plenty of perches. Again, the "BEST" feature - the exercise ramp to upper levels. (Not as steep as the skyscraper) 5 spacious shelves. (largest being 29" by 16") Patio platform on bottom. Easy to climb because of the staggered shelf design. MSR $379.95

And don't forget about all of the available options (see above)
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Cats In Action
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Skyscraper - Not a lot of floor space? Go up! space requirements are 26" wide, 22" deep. This unit is for good climbers and active cats. Tall (72") but sturdy (special weighted bottom cylinder.) Exercise fast ramp to upper levels (the absolute "best" feature of this unit !) SPECIAL ORDER
And don't forget about all of the available options (see above)
Twin Towers with the Walk of Death Catwalk - For the ultimate energy buster for racing around - UP, ACROSS and DOWN. Absolute FUN. Two jungle gyms (or option: two skyscrapers instead) with a connecting CAT WALK. QUESTION? How many cats can lay on the catwalk at one time? It can go over a window or desk. Customize a system for fit in your room. Standard dimensions are 76" high and 120" wide.
Triple Catwalks - Really go hog wild and customize your seteup. Tunnels, hammocks.

What more could a cat, or shall we say a lot of cats, wish for.