Pet Zones

Do-It-Yourself installation or Petzones install?
How high up the wall will the catwalks be located?
How may jumping off / on locations?
What will be used as jumping off / on locations; steps, ramps,cat trees?
How long a distance will the walkways cover?
What type of walls will the catwalks be mounted on; wallboard, lath and plaster, or hard     surface?
How many corner cat rest / cat bypass platforms will be used?
What type of surface finish on the walkways will be used?
How or how often will you be cleaning the cat walkway?
How wide will you want the walkway; how big are your cats?
Will you want a guardrail fence attached to your walkway?

Let us know your considerations, send us a picture of your room and we can start the process.
Another jump location is the 20" triangular ledge in the corner with the 6 foot victory tree below.
The last leg, approx 23 feet, leads to the final jump on / off, which is a step system to the top of the wall.
The jumping on / off is a spiral stepcase leading down to bookcases and across length of room ...28 feet
Almost makes you think you were in Disneyland. Above left starts with a series of platform zig zag steps hidden by painted leaves. The steps lead to an upper and lower catwalk, which is also accessible from our hollow tree. The cats are accessible by dueling spiral staircases on the right. In the two above pics, through the window you can see the outside walkways on the oudoor fencing.
This system starts down the hallway with some wall steps, goes across the window and back along the top of the window. It comes back down the hallway, across theside of the room and back above the bed. It continues down the other wall and into a large alcove.
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