What are Cat Trees?

A cat tree (also known as a cat tree house, kitty condo, cat stand, cat-box, and a number of other names) is handcrafted in a number of designs and it’s built for a cat to play, exercise and sleep.

Our trees are built in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are built tall so the cat can get a feeling of isolation and give them a full view of their surroundings making them feel kings of their domain. Most cat trees are built with perches that are covered in durable rugs to give the cats some comfort. They often have posts wrapped with sisal rope so they can stretch and exercise their claws.

Our trees can be built with ramps, caves, and to look like a real tree giving the cat a sense of wildness. The designs are endless and left up to the imagination and we take great care in designing the perfect cat tree for your cat and every home.

We have a large selection of custom cat trees. Our cat trees are handcrafted and built in California. Our trees are made very durable and are built to last. We also offer a large selection of carpet colors, visit our carpet color page for more information.

We make our trees in a number of standard designs and also build custom trees for your specific pet. We use the highest quality materials available and our trees are made from lumber and real natural wood.

Order your Cat Trees today, they will last a lifetime. They are durable and expertly designed with your pet in mind.

small cat tree
Small Cat Tree
Medium Cat Trees
Medium Cat Tree
large cat tree
Large Cat Tree
custom cat tree
Custom Cat Tree
natural wood cat tree
Natural Wood Cat Tree
Outdoor Cat Tree