Custom Walkways

Walkways or Catwalks are the answer to a cats prayers. If there’s one thing cats love to do, its lording it over all other mortal beings from up high. Unless they’re couch potatoes and prefer the comfy sofa cushions in front of the big screen they like being up high.

Most of our walkways or catwalks are custom made and installed.

We also manufacture a number of DO-IT-YOURSELF CATWALKS. (Click on link for more information and pricing). It is recommended that all walkways or catwalks be installed directly to the wall studs, this will insure the safety of your loving cat.

Options available:

  • Walkway widths – ( Some widths may require additional bracing )
  • Fencing ( guard rails, for those cats that may sleep walk)
  • Surfaces – Lacquer, paint, non skid, carpet, plain (Just wood – cabinet grade plywood)
  • Lengths (Longest length about 96″)
  • Corner landings
  • Tunnels

40″ custom cat walk with bridge.

This walkway starts in the corner with a skyscraper, goes around the room for approx 75 feet.
Third wall, about time to pounce on the rabbit ears.
Down around a corner and descending along the stairs to a scratching post.

Here is a corner platform landing above an open door. Going back to a raised walkway with a 7 foot cat tree as a jumping on and off starting point.

This walkway system has a few jumping on and off spots. On the far left is a series of platforms and a spiral stepcase. From the top platform a walkway leads down into a jump off / on platform, which also doubles as a scratching post. From there the walkway splits into a high road and low road. With the high road leading to a corner platform. The low road also leads to a corner platform which then goes to a fireplace mantel.

The jumping on / off is a spiral stepcase leading down to bookcases and across length of room ...28 feet
Another jump location is the 20" triangular ledge in the corner with the 6 foot victory tree below.
The last leg, approx 23 feet, leads to the final jump on / off, which is a step system to the top of the wall.

Almost makes you think you were in Disneyland. Above left starts with a series of platform zig zag steps hidden by painted leaves. The steps lead to an upper and lower catwalk, which is also accessible from our hollow tree. The cats are accessible by dueling spiral staircases on the right. In the two above pics, through the window you can see the outside walkways on the oudoor fencing.

This system starts down the hallway with some wall steps, goes across the window and back along the top of the window. It comes back down the hallway, across the side of the room and back above the bed. It continues down the other wall and into a large alcove.

PetZones 2 products are handcrafted and assembled in California.

Price does not include tax or shipping; please call us for a final total.